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2oz Bleeding Spray

2oz Bleeding Spray


New Wicked Flavors Product! 

Bleeding sprays give you that extra punch and bleeding in the water column.


Great on your pick up or pack bait…Designed with attractions and will not change the flavor of your bait or pick up. 


Great for when you want to disguise what flavor you are throwing! 



2oz Bleeding Spray! 



Available flavors-

Dynamic Orange

Electric Blue

Shocking Yellow

High Intensity Purple

Deep Blood Red

Mean Green

Bait Wetter


DR Pepper




Orders are Shipped USPS Priority Mail.

3-4 Day Arrival, plus tracking and insurance!


Orders placed after noon on Saturdays will not ship out until Monday morning.

1-11 Bottles + $10.75 for shipping.

12-25 Bottles + $17.00 for shipping.

25+ Bottles + $22.50 for shipping



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